Where you find yourself today has been shaped over years. It didn’t magically or instantly happen. It’s a result of years of external messages, pressures, labels and beliefs that you have internalised.

You now personalise your outcomes based on faulty knowledge combined with distorted beliefs, mindsets and habits.

No matter where you are in your journey, whether you have been struggling for a year or decades with food and weight issues, this is common to everyone!

Discover Why You ARE NOT a Failure and What’s Possible!

How Mind and Body Architect can help you overcome emotional and binge eating

…to find out how to ditch your old stories and create new ones that will help you overcome the fear and habit patterns that have kept you stuck.
It’s time to redefine your relationship with food!

For 34 years I bought into everyone else’s beliefs, lies and fears of weight, food and success and I almost killed myself!

It took me hitting rock bottom to learn the secret that completely turned my life around.

I went through so many different stages and cycles around food and eating, one day I decided to make a map out of it!

Here’s my journey with food and weight issues:

My Timeline of
Eating and Weight Disorders

Discover how I went from an exhausting and relentless internal battle to being in the 1% of people to maintain their weight for over 10 years with balance, mind-body connection and peace.

I know what it’s like to live with the constant daily battle that rages around food, weight, success and failure.

It’s exhausting, relentless and you just want it to stop. You just want to be normal and feel normal but you don’t know how.

I always blamed food and my body (weight) as well as myself. I kept trying similar things. Believing that they were different but they weren’t! Then I would wonder with frustration and disappointment, why I was getting the same results.

It wasn’t until I had my ‘rock bottom moment’ that I began to change my approach.

For the first time, I saw things more clearly. I realised that my battles with food, weight and myself were merely symptoms.

What had shaped my ‘symptoms’ were my mindsets, habits, approaches, beliefs and so much more.

Yet, these were the very things that I had been avoiding and fearing.

And then I discovered THE ONE THING that made all the difference:

You don’t know what
you don’t know!

Once your eyes and mind begin to awaken to the awareness of seeing things from a new perspective, it’s only a matter of time until you openly approach things differently.

When I started doing this, my entire life changed, not just my relationship with food and my body. It’s a process that I began to trust in. As long as I was committed and invested in ‘a new way of doing things’ then I took the necessary actions each day. I knew that with time, I would become healthier and happier than I was the day before. There’s always ups and downs in life and for the first time in my life I was able to ride the waves without needing food. Food is now my companion for health, energy and nourishment.

This has allowed me to remain in the 1% of people who maintain their results for over 10 years.

Who am I today?

Rebellious introvert who has the courage to challenge the status quo and tells the truth to offer hope and inspiration. Helping others to discover their truth by understanding ‘why’, to empower them to live a life of possibilities.

What’s important in my professional life?

  • NShare the knowledge and skills that will help people to create wonderful, healthy and positive relationships with food and their bodies
  • NHelping people to believe in themselves and what’s possible
  • NPositively make a difference in the lives of people, all around the world
  • NCreate a safe community to bring the suffering out of silence and the shadows to be heard and shared so that people realise that they are not alone
  • NHelp people discover who they really are and give them the courage to live the life they dream of and want for themselves.

My professional qualifications:

  • NConsultant & Hypnotherapist
  • NBSc AppPsych; PGradDip Psych;
  • NPGradDip ClinHyp;
  • NCertIV in Fitness
  • NMemberships held with: AAPi and ASH

There’s so much more to my professional experiences than just my qualifications to share, including being a hot media expert to someone who was afraid to share my story and speak publically. And after 20 years of being a Psychologist, why I chose to give up my profession.

Image by LilacL from Pixabay

What’s important in my personal life?

  • NMy family
  • NAnimals, especially my cats
  • NLiving by the beach and rainforests
  • NLatin dancing and Argentine tango
  • NEarly mornings
  • NEarly nights for a good night’s sleep
  • NTime away from people to recharge my energy.

Now that you know a little more about me, I would like to get back to you…

What I really want for you, is to understand how your food stories, brain chemistry, food, habits and mindsets have shaped where you are today. By turning this around, you will have the power to create new stories so that each day you can move closer to becoming a healthier and happier version of yourself and how you want to live your life.

Together we can take this journey through:

Get ready to experience a level of understanding and support like no other. You will feel empowered, hopeful and have clarity, where once there was confusion. It’s time to get curious and enjoy the adventure of the challenge, with a community who say, ‘YES, I get you! You are not alone!’ This will have you saying, ‘YES’ to yourself.

A coaching program designed to fast-track your progress! Only for those who are ready to fully invest in themselves. This is a 6 to 12-month commitment designed to transform every part of your life moving you from a life of comfort, fear and conformity to a life that is more than you dreamed possible.

Not sure which is the right path for you?

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