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*Due to the private and sensitive nature of struggling with food and weight issues, some of the names have been changed as they do not wish their friends, family or colleagues to know about their personal journey. All of the testimonials are from real people who have participated in Experience Group Programs and/or VIP Experience Programs

Maintaining a Better Relationship with Food for Life

Before I joined the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program, I struggled with feeling disconnected from what I was eating and when I was eating, leading to a sense of disorganisation. The lack of preparation and planning on a day-to-day basis caused me frustration and decision fatigue. I also realised that my diet had become monotonous and I lacked the joy of savouring delicious, unprocessed food.

During the program, I learned to tackle these challenges by taking small, imperfect actions every day and stayed connected to what I was learning. This approach helped me make steady progress, allowing me to overcome my struggles and move towards a more balanced relationship with food.

The biggest change I experienced during the program was refining my planning and preparation system. By giving more thought to my choices, I was able to make them more consistent and intentional. This shift significantly reduced my day-to-day stress in deciding what to eat and when. As a result, I celebrated the positive changes that came from these improvements, such as my clothes fitting better and feeling more energetic.

The positive impact of the program extended beyond the physical changes. I felt less stressed and gained confidence in making better choices for my future. The increase in energy was noticeable, and my friends and family started recognising the positive changes within me.

Participating in the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program added immense value to my life. I gained more confidence in my relationship with food, and it became clearer than ever before. I realised that I can maintain this healthier relationship for the rest of my life by staying connected to my learnings and celebrating my ongoing victories.

The biggest takeaway from the program was not just a better relationship with food, but also a refined planning and preparation system that would benefit me for the rest of my life. The program has equipped me with valuable tools to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, allowing me to sustain my progress beyond the program.

Anthony’s Overall Experience of the Program

Anthony’s overall experience of being a part of the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program was highly enjoyable and enlightening. The program prompted him to reflect on his past food memories and experiences and how they had impacted his present relationship with food.

Throughout the program, Anthony experienced unexpected positive effects on his life. The process of refining his planning and preparation not only helped him lower his day-to-day stress but also boosted his confidence in maintaining this positive change. It was a pleasant surprise to witness how these small adjustments in his approach to food had such a significant impact on his overall well-being.

The Group Coaching Sessions within the program were particularly valuable to Anthony. These interactive sessions built upon the learnings from the videos and activity sheets, providing a deeper understanding of the program’s concepts. Anthony appreciated the opportunity to interact with the group, which made him feel more connected to both the members and the program as a whole.

Anthony’s overall experience of the program was profound. The video trainings and activities encouraged him to examine his eating habits and patterns closely, leading to a greater sense of connection with his food choices. He learned to eat mindfully and consider portion sizes, which played a practical role in preventing overeating.

Within the program’s community, Anthony found a wealth of insights and inspiration. Listening to other participants share their food memories resonated with him as he discovered common ground with others. The experiences shared by fellow participants on how they implemented planning and preparation techniques and the positive results they achieved were particularly inspiring.

The program’s emphasis on self-reflection and mindfulness allowed Anthony to form a deeper connection with his relationship to food. By refining his planning and preparation approach, he reduced stress and gained confidence in making healthier choices. The interactive group sessions and the inspiring community further enriched his overall experience, providing valuable insights and personal connections. The combination of aspects of the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program highlights the transformative and fulfilling journey Anthony experienced.

2 Years After Completing The Program

Anthony continued to improve his relationship with food. He continued to celebrate daily and deepen his connection to who he was and how he wanted to live his life by releasing himself of outdated, negative and past mindsets, beliefs and habits. He began to truly expand and flourish in every way.

He was diagnosed with cancer approximately 18 months after the program. He remained positive, focusing on a bright, adventurous and healthy future.

Sadly, the cancer was more advanced and aggressive than his medical team expected and didn’t respond to treatment. He passed away 2 years after completing the program.

He was a kind, generous and loving person who will be in our memories and hearts forever. He is profoundly missed by his family, friends, colleagues and those within the Mind & Body Architect Programs who shared deep connections with him including me.

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