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If you have been interested in how to improve your relationship with food and eating, you may be interested in the Reset Your Mindset: Online Community!

The Reset Your Mindset Community is designed to provide a safe place for anyone, like you, with Disordered Eating to be able to be ‘real’ about the issues and heartache you experience.

This is a safe place to be open and honest, with people who are sharing in similar experiences, without judgement.

Everyone in this Online Community have a shared experience that connects one another – an Unhealthy Relationship with Food, Body and Self! 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be brave and join others like you to completely Break Up with Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Stress Eating and Night-time Eating in a supportive environment!

The Mind and Body Architect Professional Team and the Reset Your Mindset Community will provide you with resource for positive change through guidance, knowledge and strategies, for Disordered Eating, to help you improve your relationship with food, your body and yourself.

The Reset Your Mindset Community offers you the opportunity to connect with people who deeply understand you and your:

  • Experiences,
  • Thoughts,
  • Feelings,
  • Fears,
  • Problems,
  • Worries, and
  • Everyday struggles.

This Online Community focuses on Resetting Your Mindset to Reset Your Relationships – with Food, Your Body and Yourself.

Come and connect with others, just like you, in the Online Community to share your stories and experiences surrounding your Disordered Eating.


The Reset Your Mindset: Online Community come together for one-hour using secured software ‘Zoom’ each fortnight on:

  • Tuesday evening at 6pm, or
  • Either Friday Lunchtime or Saturday mornings.

You can choose to attend fortnightly or monthly, depending on your schedule ?

What you need to participate:

You can choose to attend using video, audio, or phone if you would prefer to remain anonymous. 

  • Smart phone, tablet or PC/Laptop, and
  • A quiet/private area to sit, without distraction, during the 1-hour group discussion.

It is time for you to connect with a Online Community who wants you to Improve Your Relationship with Food, Your Body and Yourself so you can finally live your life and break free of Disordered Eating and Body-Image Issues.