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Five (5) Steps To Start Overcoming Disordered Eating Behaviours . . .

Overcoming Disordered Eating Behaviours can be daunting, especially when you do not know where to start.

Here are five (5) things you can start to do right now to start break free from Disordered Eating Behaviours:

Step #1: Stop beating yourself up right now.

You might be blaming yourself and putting yourself down; calling yourself a failure and no good.

This ends right now…

Disordered Eating is not who you are and you can overcome it.

Step #2: Start putting your needs first

People who suffer from Disordered Eating, like you, usually put their needs at the bottom of the list.

They use food to cope with time consuming emotions and feelings, and to supress them.

By giving yourself permission to put yourself first, you will be able to start to make sure that you take care of yourself first and become aware of how much of yourself you can truly give to others.

You can then start to set appropriate boundaries accordingly.

Step #3: Give yourself the gift of hope

When you suffer from an Eating Disorder, or Disordered Eating, losing hope for recovery is one of the things that keep you stuck.

You feel like you won’t be able to change, and things will never get better. Things CAN change and you CAN get better.

Give yourself the gift of feeling hopeful for your future – because you deserve it and are worthy of a wonderful future. 

Step #4: No more secrets

Disordered Eating is maintained by shame, guilt and isolation.

By isolating yourself and keeping your issues a secret you are feeding into the Disordered Eating.

One of the biggest and bravest steps you can take is opening up and telling someone.

This someone could be a trusted friend, your partner, a psychologist or health professional or a support group. 

Step #5: Seek help and support

Seeking help and support for your Disordered Eating Behaviours is courageous and shows your true commitment to your health and happiness.

We would love to become part of your team for success and invite you to come join our Private Facebook Community for You. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be brave and join others like you to completely Break Up with Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Stress Eating and Night-time Eating in a supportive environment!

The Private Online Community is designed to provide a safe place for anyone, like you, with Disordered Eating to be able to be ‘real’ about the issues and heartache you experience.

This is a safe place to be open and honest, with people who are sharing in similar experiences, without judgement.

Everyone in this Online Community have a shared experience that connects one another – an Unhealthy Relationship with Food, Body and Self! 

The Mind and Body Architect Professional Team and the Private Online Community will provide you with resource for positive change through guidance, knowledge and strategies, for Disordered Eating, to help you improve your relationship with food, your body and yourself.

The Private Facebook Community offers you the opportunity to connect with people who deeply understand you and your:

  • Experiences,
  • Thoughts,
  • Feelings,
  • Fears,
  • Problems,
  • Worries, and
  • Everyday struggles.

This Online Community is just the start of helping you to find the resources and direction to improve your relationships – with Food, Your Body and Yourself.

Come and connect with others, just like you, in the Online Community to share your stories and experiences surrounding your Disordered Eating.

It is time for you to connect with a Online Community who wants you to Improve Your Relationship with Food, Your Body and Yourself so you can finally live your life and break free of Disordered Eating and Body-Image Issues.

Want to find out how you can Rescue Your Relationship with Food?

Receive a FREE 45-minute Discovery Session valued @ $250

In the session, you will uncover why Disordered Eating patterns exist in your life and what’s holding you back from breaking free from them and identify specific next steps to Rescue Your Relationship with Food.

N.B. You will be redirected the Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic as soon as you click on the link below. Mind & Body Architect only provide products and programs and do not offer counselling.