Is There a Perfect Time to Lose Weight?

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Weight Loss

Are you waiting for something?

The answer will usually be yes. Most likely, you are waiting for the perfect moment to start things – whether that is waiting to put your career plan into action, waiting to begin a healthy new diet plan, or waiting to start a new exercise routine. No matter what it is, if you’re waiting to start something big or small, there never seems to be a ‘right’ time because you are always waiting for the perfect time! No doubt you are waiting for the perfect time to lose weight.

But why wait?

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When is the perfect moment? When will your plan go off without a hitch? If what you’re waiting for is to find the ideal moment to lose weight, stop binge eating, or find support to manage your emotional eating, delaying could cause a lot more harm than good.

If you’re someone who waits rather than does, then read on. Sometimes exercising caution might be a good idea, but all this waiting around might end in you never acting. Find out what waiting means for you now and later on.

Fear By Any Other Name

Do you consider yourself a careful planner? This can be an excellent skill when utilised sensibly. However, if you find yourself constantly going over a plan and you keep making minor tweaks in order for it to be perfect but then you never carry it out – then this can no longer be classed as mere care or caution. This is planning overanalysis and procrastination.

Let’s take a look at why. How are you feeling? You might find that you fear what might happen if you tackle your comfort eating during stressful times. How will you cope in difficult moments without food to comfort you? Fear can be a powerful emotion that can hold us back – being afraid to change the status quo or fail at losing weight can prevent us from ever getting started.

Be kind to yourself by planning ahead, here are some tips to kick start your eating habits without dieting.

Excuses, Excuses

excuses for losing weight, emotional eating support, binge eating treatment, food addiction therapy, how to stop binge eating, comfort eating

Do you find yourself repeating the same phrases over and over? Saying,

“I’ll start this when…” and never getting to the point where you actually start?

Other excuses might include you’ll seek support when you feel more confident or you’ll tackle your overeating when you have more financial resources.

But this imagined time is just that…… IMAGINARY. These are simply excuses that you come up with to delay the moment when you have to start, and therefore risk failing. This is entirely understandable. No one likes to fail, but what is the worst thing that can happen if you use this wait-and-see method?

What Happens When You Wait

So, if you decide to wait until the “perfect moment” to lose weight, what is likely to happen? You might indeed find the perfect time to execute a plan or start a new regime in an ideal world. But in reality, that ideal moment is unlikely to exist. Life is stressful, circumstances change all the time and it’s likely that you will put other people’s priorities and demands ahead of your own goals and desires.

When you wait for a time that might never arrive, you are simply putting off your plans and setting yourself up for disappointment. You could also be missing out on fantastic opportunities by delaying your starting point. And in the end, you will possibly run out of time before you get the chance for the perfect time to lose weight and all that you are left with is regret, poor health and quality of life.

Find out more about how your success and failure is in your hands, well…in your mindset.

The Power of Imperfection

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You may be wondering what the alternative to waiting for the perfect moment is. After all, you can’t just jump in feet first, right? It feels impossible, but this is exactly what you should do!

The hardest thing to do when you’re looking to lose weight or find support to overcome your binge eating or emotional eating is to get started. There’s NO perfect time to start there’s ONLY NOW!

Regardless of whether you feel the moment is entirely right and you have all the resources that you need on hand, it’s best if you start as soon as you can. Once you have created a new habit or reached out for help, it becomes easier to pursue the next step and keep up the momentum. The scariest bit is the beginning. After that, even if you “fail”, you’re one step further along than you were when you were waiting.

Learn more about how Willpower is a working memory process and will lead to sabotage and failure.

A Familiar Feeling?

If you find yourself waiting for that mythical perfect time to lose weight and you struggle to start even important things, then it might be time to look into some of our online experience programs to help you change your mindset and pursue the things that matter to you. The first step to taking control and feeling more positive about yourself and your life overall starts with your mindset so that you can begin to create a healthier relationship with food, your body and yourself. You can start right now to find out what’s possible for you.

Discover what's really possible for you so that you can Rescue Your Relationship with Food.

Book a Free Discovery Call to find out the path that will help you to move closer to living a healthier and happier version of yourself.

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