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*Due to the private and sensitive nature of struggling with food and weight issues, some of the names have been changed as they do not wish their friends, family or colleagues to know about their personal journey. All of the testimonials are from real people who have participated in Experience Group Programs and/or VIP Experience Programs

A Journey from Food Frustration to Inner Peace and Balance

Before starting the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program, I was facing some significant challenges and frustrations related to food. I had trouble putting into action the knowledge I had acquired about healthy eating, and my view of food was distorted and confused. And my stress levels were consistently high.

During the program, I found solace in the support of Kellee and the group. Their encouragement and guidance helped me overcome the challenges I was facing. The video trainings and group coaching enabled me to set up systems to reduce stress, and the lessons on brain chemistry helped me address and deal with the food memories that I was struggling with. I was able to ‘unscramble’ my view of food and language surrounding it, effectively.

The biggest change I experienced during the program was that I no longer obsessively thought about food all the time. My stress levels reduced significantly, and I felt more at ease with myself.

This transformation was a huge relief and made me proud of myself. As a result of the program, I am kinder to myself, I feel more comfortable as I’m not in a high level of stress and this is leading to a healthier and happier me.

The most significant value I gained from the program was having more meaningful conversations with my friends and family, focusing on things beyond weight and food. The program has allowed me to prioritise what truly matters in life and not be consumed by food-related concerns.

The From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program has been a life-changing experience for me, and I believe it will continue to have a positive influence on my life moving forward. I am committed to maintaining the progress I’ve made and making small, imperfect actions every day to sustain a balanced and healthier relationship with food.

I am grateful for the support and insights provided by the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program.

My advice for others: Anything is possible, you just have to be willing to learn, take action and repeat this every day for the rest of your life.

Kristy’s Overall Experience of the Program

When Kristy decided to join the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program, she felt a mix of excitement and apprehension. She was very anxious about the group sessions as she had social anxiety in large groups. However, as the program commenced, Kellee, the program facilitator, created a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, which eased Kristy’s anxieties. As the weeks passed, she found herself becoming more comfortable and forming connections with the other participants. The group coaching sessions were a valuable experience for Kristy. She appreciated the engaging content and the opportunity to share her journey with others facing similar struggles. The group’s support provided a safe space for her to open up and discuss her thoughts and emotions freely. Kristy felt more comfortable with people who were in similar situations, and they could work through challenges together, strengthening their bond as a group.

Throughout the 10 weeks of the program, Kristy was genuinely amazed by the wealth of knowledge she gained. The program helped her gain a better understanding of herself, her brain, and her family history. The activities and insights she gained would serve as valuable resources for her as she continued her personal growth beyond the program.

The sense of community within the program was heartwarming for Kristy. She enjoyed forming relationships with the group. They were supportive, never judged, and made her feel comfortable. There was a sense of camaraderie, and everyone showed empathy towards each other’s journey without judgement. The environment fostered trust and understanding, creating a positive and uplifting space.

Reflecting on her experience with the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program, Kristy expressed gratitude. The program not only helped her address her social anxiety but also provided her with valuable tools to improve her relationship with food. The connections she made within the group were meaningful. She looked forward to continuing her path towards a more balanced and healthier life.

In conclusion, Kristy’s testimonial highlights the genuine impact of the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program. The program provided a supportive and transformative environment, helping Kristy address her struggles while maintaining authenticity in her journey It was an empowering experience, and she expressed heartfelt appreciation for the growth and positive changes she encountered throughout the program.

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