Positive Language Improves Your Mindset

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Mindset

Self-expression is how you communicate with yourself, others, and the world. The language you use every day directly impacts your relationships with others, as well as your relationship with yourself, and how you convey yourself and your messages.

By listening to the language that you use with yourself and with others, you will begin to understand if your Mindset is negative, positive or neutral.

You hold the power for change. . .  

If you want to be more positive, understanding your language will improve your Mindset, and your Mindset will improve your language and positivity.

If you have a negative Mindset, perspective and outlook, this will translate into the language you use, and it can have a direct negative impact on your life, emotions, mood and daily events.

Take a moment right now and say to yourself:

“Stop. Don’t. No.”

What did you notice in your Mindset, perspective, feelings and emotions?

Now say “Go. Do. Yes.”

What did you notice in your Mindset, perspective, feelings and emotions?

Did you notice a positive change in your Mindset and any feelings?

Research has indicated that if you shift your perspective and language to the positive, your Mindset will improve, and ultimately so will your overall outlook on life.

If you would like to move from a negative Mindset to a positive Mindset and language, use the following three (3) tips.

Tip #1 Challenge Your Beliefs with Positive Self-Talk

Have you ever realised you are saying something mean to yourself like, ‘I am fat’, ‘I am not good enough’, or ‘I don’t deserve…’, and you actually believed it. The language you use in your self-talk has an impact on your esteem and confidence.

The quality of your inner dialogue with yourself is what cements your beliefs. It is important to challenge these types of thoughts and replace them with a new narrative.

So let’s change these three statements:

I am unique and my body does not define who I am.

I Am enough!

I am worthy of . . .  

Tip #2 Use Affirming and Positive Language

“Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can change your brain”.

~ Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman

Brains are wired to automatically focus on the negative. Strengthen your communication and perspective by using affirming and positive language with stop and go words.

Stop words denote problems, complaints or conflict, whereas go words are infinitely more positive and leave a powerful optimistic impact on your own mental health and those around you.

Here are some examples of phrases that might have positive intentions behind them, but still have underlying tones of negative bias.

Look out for negative words like “unfortunately,” “impossible” and “problems”.

When you find yourself slipping into negative language and Mindset, consciously define a positive statement about yourself using positive language.

Tip #3 Evaluate the Words You Use

Pause for a couple of seconds to evaluate your language and Mindset. By practicing reflection, it will help you to become more aware of the words and language you use.

Is what you are saying to yourself or others: Unhelpful or Helpful?

If the words or language you are using are hurtful or unhelpful, go back and find a way to replace those words. By doing this from a positive Mindset, it will allow you to create positive language.

Be kind to yourself!

Remember, you have the power to uplift yourself and those around you using the most powerful source for change, language and communication.

Here’s how you can begin your journey of creating something new and wonderful for yourself

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