Stay Connected During Isolation and Social Distancing

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Mindset

The world is changing at the moment. For the next few months, we are changing the way we connect and interact with each other. When you become disconnected from your usual supports and community, you may start to feel elevated levels of Anxiety, Stress and Isolation.

Out of the pandemic we have seen people’s true colours. Either they’ve stepped up to the challenge or they have shown a very shaded and selfish side of humanity. It is important to disconnect from any  type of negative messages or people – even if it’s in the form of deleting social media, not watching or reading the news during the day etc.  

Through this difficult time we have witnessed kindness, compassion, love and light in the world. 

Communities are coming together to support each other with social distancing with activities such as:

  • “Going on a bear hunt” for the kids by putting bears in their front windows;
  • Helping neighbours with food shopping, and
  • Setting up Mental Health check-in phone calls for vulnerable people. 

People in the community are showing up in their own way. . .  

We are all becoming aware of how important our communities and supports are!

Connection is truly a source of self-care and care for each other.

Isolation Leads To Decline In Mental Health

isolation leads to depression, isolation affects mental health, stay connected through social distancing

During a time where you may be physically distanced from your extended family, friends, workplace and community, it IS SO IMPORTANT to remain Socially Connected!

Isolation is one of the symptoms of Depression and other Mental Health issues.

For people who have struggled to remain connected even prior to the Corona Virus Pandemic, this may create even further isolation.

Stay Connected!

how to stay connected through social distancing, stay connected through covid-19 pandemic, support group for mental health

I can’t stress to you enough the importance of staying connected to your family, friends and networks of personal and professional support. 

This time does not have to be a setback.

Use this time as an opportunity to learn a new way of reaching out and connecting to your community. 

You may have seen people connecting via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and even the art of writing letters is making a comeback!

10 Ideas to Communicate and Connect:

communicate and connect during covid-19, communicate with family and friends, stay connected during covid-19, connect through corona virus
  1. Create eCards and send via email; 
  2. Host a virtual book club;
  3. Send some good morning text messages to friends and family;
  4. Create family group messages to connect with more than one person;
  5. Have a watch party with family and friends (you can incorporate food and beverages);
  6. Hold a virtual morning tea, lunch or dinner;
  7. Do a workout online with friends;
  8. Create a morning or night group or video chat of thankfulness where everyone says 3 things they are grateful or thankful for (this could even be a pray time for those who are spiritual);  
  9. Have a weekly video chat coffee, tea, water or wine with your bestie, or 
  10. Link into a forum for people who have similar interests to you. 

The ideas and opportunities to connect with your loved ones and community are endless 🙂

What are the things you will do to connect with your Community 1-2 times a week during social distancing and isolation?

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