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*Due to the private and sensitive nature of struggling with food and weight issues, some of the names have been changed as they do not wish their friends, family or colleagues to know about their personal journey. All of the testimonials are from real people who have participated in Experience Group Programs and/or VIP Experience Programs

No more panic or FOMO – I am in the Driver’s Seat and in Control

Before embarking on the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program, my life was clouded with confusion, frustration, and a sense of failure. I had attempted countless diet fads, hoping to reclaim the body and image of my past self. My confidence was shot, and I didn’t like the person I was.

The most remarkable transformation during the program has been in my eating choices. I used to be held captive to daily doses of chocolate, gripped by internal panic if denied or unable to get my next hit or fix.

I no longer crave such foods. The fear of missing out on certain foods has dissipated, replaced by an eagerness for the nourishing options I’ve planned. This shift has revitalised my confidence and ignited a renewed happiness within myself. Making these changes has filled me with joy and a sense of control. I’ve taken back the driver’s seat in my life, allowing me to savour the present and picture a brighter, happier future.

This journey wasn’t without its challenges, yet the program’s systems and guidance made it possible, infusing the process with ease and structure. I embraced perseverance and honesty to confront my struggles and challenges. The program has helped me to express my actual feelings which has really made a difference. I found that by revisiting program content, it provided me with fresh insights to help me move forward.

The positive impacts are undeniable. My newfound confidence radiates, positively influencing my interactions with others. I foresee this transformation empowering me to share my journey with those around me, letting them know that escape from self-doubt and negativity is achievable through honesty and effort. I believe in the limitless potential of personal growth.

Participating in the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program has added immeasurable value to my life. My self-worth has surged, fostering a desire to consistently make better choices. Both my food choices and portions have improved, promising better health. The program has granted me a brighter mental and physical outlook, confirming that I’ve gained mastery over my challenges. I am proud of who I am and where I have come from.

As I reflect on my journey, the lessons I’ve learned stand out:

  • Shared Struggles: First and foremost, I discovered that I wasn’t alone in my struggles. This realisation shattered the isolation I’d been carrying, offering solace in the understanding that others were walking a similar path
  • Brain Chemistry Insights: Delving into the science of brain chemistry marked a turning point. This knowledge disrupted the stronghold of my cravings and habits, enlightening me on how to regain control over my impulses.
  • Empowering Food Choices: Embracing the concept of trigger foods and their wholesome replacements was a pivotal step. This shift empowered me to confront my weaknesses and transform them into strengths.
  • The Power of Choice: The emergence of the power of choice became a beacon of hope. Recognising that I held the reins to my decisions, I embraced a newfound agency that paved the way for transformative change.
  • Crafting Effective Plans: Acquiring the skills to craft effective plans became an essential tool. This ability allowed me to navigate challenges with purpose and determination, ensuring a clear path forward.
  • Effective Systems: Lastly, the program’s overarching systems emerged as a guiding light. Witnessing their efficacy in action reassured me that I was part of a comprehensive framework designed to foster growth and positive change.

In conclusion, my experience in the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program has been a pivotal and transformational chapter of personal growth. By having the courage to be honest with myself and confronting my struggles, I was able to express my true feelings. It has empowered me to overcome confusion and regain control over my relationship with food, completely changing my approach to eating. Through perseverance and guided insights, I’ve unlocked a renewed sense of confidence and happiness. The program’s wisdom, community, and structured systems have equipped me with the tools and knowledge to navigate life’s challenges that lie ahead. It’s elevated me toward a more vibrant and empowered future.

Steven’s Perspective of the Program Experience

Steven’s experience within the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program was undeniably positive. He extended heartfelt gratitude to Kellee for her unwavering knowledge and support throughout the program.

The most unexpected aspect for Steven was the simplicity of the program’s systems. He marvelled at how clear everything became, reflecting on his initial confusion before joining. From understanding memories to deciphering the intricacies of brain chemistry and structuring a plan, the program had indelibly transformed his perception, mindsets, and emotions toward food. Moving forward, Steven’s focus lay in consistency and steering clear of quick fixes.

The group coaching sessions, while uncomfortable for Steven, proved transformative. They effectively nudged him beyond his comfort zone, aligning with their intended purpose. The insights shared during these sessions brought clarity to his thought processes. The act of sharing within the group also served as a catalyst, surfacing thoughts and concerns he might not have initially identified.

Steven’s overarching program experience was overwhelmingly positive, and he cherished the wealth of knowledge he acquired. He acknowledged that the program had dispelled his confusion, replacing it with a profound sense of happiness and pride in his accomplishments. Steven had uncovered the intricate connections that governed his relationship with food. Armed with this knowledge, he adeptly navigated food triggers, devised healthier replacements, and created planned meals.

The program’s community left a lasting impact on Steven. It served as a supportive, therapeutic space, reminding him that he wasn’t alone in his journey. Witnessing others share the same thoughts and experiences fostered a sense of connection. The shared stories of falling prey to fads, false beliefs, and feelings of failure reinforced the notion that he was part of a collective striving for positive change.

In conclusion, Steven’s journey and experience encapsulates the profound transformation he underwent within the From Binge to Balanced Eating Experience Group Program. The program’s simplicity surprised him, while the group coaching sessions pushed him to grow. Steven emerged with newfound clarity and a positive outlook, acknowledging the role of the program’s insights in redefining his relationship with food. The supportive community underscored that he wasn’t alone, reaffirming his commitment to sustained positive change.

2 Years After Completing The Program

I am doing great!

I’ve got control of my headspace and food addiction. Food doesn’t drive me anymore.

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