Unhealthy Mindsets Hold You Back – Part 1

by | Sep 15, 2019 | Psychology

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Whether you have a positive or negative mindset, it affects every aspect of your life.

Your mindset consists of the ideals and attitudes you hold about yourself, which ultimately influence and fuel your daily actions and life.

When you have an unhealthy mindset you tend to lean towards the negative rather than the positives in life.

Even if you are achieving your goals, you minimise your success or even dismiss it.

An unhealthy mindset causes you to become stuck in a negative cycle that continually repeats and you can’t seem to stop.

This holds you back from living an authentic, satisfying and fulfilling life.

Unhealthy Mindsets Are Powerful – Not In A Good Way!

Cortisol and stress, stress and unhealthy mindsets, stress and negative thinking, stress and negative thoughts

Constantly living within unhealthy and negative mindsets contributes to having higher Stress levels.

This results in your body releasing the Stress hormone Cortisol as a way to cope.

The outcomes from an imbalance in Cortisol, from Stress, is not only an increase of the intensity of unhealthy mindsets but also:

  • Disordered Eating such as:
    • Binge Eating;
    • Emotional Eating;
    • Stress Eating, and
    • Night-time Eating
  • Sleep Disturbances;
  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Agitation;
  • Moodiness, and/or
  • Fatigue.

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Identify Unhealthy Mindsets

Identify negative thoughts, identify unhealthy mindsets, understand negative thoughts, the link between negative thinking and your inner critic

Identifying your negative and unhealthy mindsets is the first step in shifting towards positive and actionable change.

Take a moment to breathe deeply, and connect with your inner voice.

When you hear the tone and language used by your inner voice, would you describe it as:

  • Positive and supportive, or 
  • Negative and judgemental?

Red flags for unhealthy mindsets might include feelings of: 

  • Guilt;
  • Shame;
  • Disgust;
  • Self-loathing;
  • Not being good enough;
  • Failure, or
  • Worthlessness. 

Creating change and improving your health and lifestyle is not instantaneous!

It starts with resetting and changing your unhealthy mindset over time.

This is where you will start to find real, long-term solutions.

When you shift your mindset, real change can finally start to occur.

Find out how your mindset is your secret weapon in the 2nd part of this post – check it out.

The Good News!

Shift unhealthy mindsets, change unhealthy thoughts, change negative thinking, how to stop negative thoughts
You have the ability to shift your unhealthy mindsets and behaviours to create positivity and empowerment in your life.

If you are ready to shift your unhealthy mindsets . . .

. . . It is important you have the right tools and support to help you get started!

Discover what's truly possible for you...

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